September 23, 2009

Girls In Trouble: Girls In Trouble

There is a lot of sex and violence in the bible. Brooklyn multi-instrumentalist Alicia Jo Rabins, has studied the Torah at length and made them into an concept indie album about called Girls In Trouble. It also became the name of her band.

Life was dangerous for women back in biblical times, with human sacrifices and generals who were not above rape. Alicia Jo Rabins doesn't preach - she tells the stories for the women's point of view. So meet Judith, who cut off Holofernes’ head. Or Miriam who saved Moses, but was struck with leprosy. And then there is the girl who runs to meet her father comping out only to learn that he has taken a vow to take the life of the first living creature he meets.

Holding Masters degrees in Jewish women's studies, and in poetry she knows how to use no-frills lyrics that get stuck inside in the brain. Using folk and modern Americana Girls In Trouble is a compelling album that gets an extra lift through the smart percussion that sounds a bit like Blur in their hey-day.

Girls In Trouble:
Alicia Jo Rabins: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, violin, viola
Aaron Hartman: upright an electric bass, electric guitar, piano
Jascha Hoffman: organs, piano, keyboards, vibraphone, percussion
Tim Monaghan: drums

Girls In Trouble: Girls In Trouble

Girls In Trouble is released on JDub Records. Release date: October 27th.

  1. I Was A Desert
  2. Secrets / You're Always Watching
  3. Marble Floor
  4. Snow / Scorpions And Spiders
  5. Hunter / The Bee Lays Her Honey
  6. Mountain / When My Father Came Back
  7. I Fell Off My Camel
  8. Who Sent The Heat?
  9. A Lion At Rest
  10. Where You Go


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