June 12, 2009

Leslie Mendelson: Swan Feathers

Leslie Mendelson
photo: Bo Streeter

Carole King is alive and well and living in the Northern Rockies. Her legacy lives on and NYC singer-songwriter Leslie Mendelson hopes to follow her in her footsteps as a respected artist with songs about relationships resting on a jazzy pop backing. She scored her recording contract via none other than Jac Holzman who gave The Doors their big break. Miss Mendelson is no lizard queen, more like a lounge singer that can soothe and accuse (albeit she is hitting with kid's gloves).

Her album Swan Feathers is tasteful, but not exactly filling as yet. Something is missing and it might as well be her own true voice and style. She comes close in songs like So Far So Bad, with keyboards that gave the song a lift, and Hit The Spot, with upright bass and finger snapping before the trumpets, acoustic guitar and piano come in the join the party.

Including the demo of Be My Baby, the Ronettes classic, as a tribute to her mentor Joel Dorn was a very bad move. Her voice is far too sweet to pull it off.

Leslie Mendelson: Swan Feathers

Swan Feathers is released on Rykodisc. Release date: June 30th.

  1. Know You Better Than That
  2. So Far So Bad
  3. Rest of London
  4. I See Myself With You
  5. Easy Love
  6. Hit the Spot
  7. If I Don’t Stop Loving You
  8. Turn It Over
  9. No Easy Way Out
  10. Be My Baby
  11. Good Night

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