May 08, 2009

Urgent funding required for John Cale documentary

John Cale

Steve Unterberger of is making a documentary about John Cale to tie in with his installation for the Venice Biennale. The BBC is interested, but that doesn't mean that Auntie Beeb comes up with the funding:

John Cale has been asked to represent Wales at this year's Venice Biennale art exhibition, which is one of the world's foremost exhibitions of contemporary art. The documentary will give an overview of John's career and involved with art, and give an insight into his creative process with this art installation. The installation focuses on John's relationship with the Welsh language and the issues surrounding communication.

We are urgently trying to obtain funding and sponsors for an hour long documentary on John Cale's entry to this years Venice Biennale art exhibition. Anyone interested, please get in touch -


Photo: Maurice (Haags Uitburo)

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