May 26, 2009

Faster Than the Speed of Light!: sci-fi in Austin, TX

A sci-fi musical featuring ukulele ballads? That's right. Thirty Austin professionals have teamed up to create Faster Than the Speed of Light!. The show was written and produced by Stanley Roy (Little Stolen Moments) and Jeremy Roye (Fiction, Archibald Adams) and directed by Kelli Bland (A Thought in Three Parts, The Bird and the Bee). The story in nutshell:

A celebrated scientist, Atom is on the verge of completing his most personal and mercurial experiment: the creation of the perfect partner. Suddenly, an explosive release of energy knocks Atom unconscious and creates two opposing beings: Chaos and Serena. After a violent struggle erupts between the two, one flees wounded. Atom awakens unaware to his destroyed laboratory, safe within the soft embrace of his adoring creation Serena.

After building a picturesque life with her, Atom's subconscious begins to split and splice as he's pulled head-first through his dreams into a topsy-turvy world dominated by its enigmatic cult leader. Chaos. While his life with Serena offers peace, tranquility, and love, the world of Chaos provides possibilities too enticing to ignore. Atom finds his life, identity, and sexuality unraveling amidst torrential dreams, psychedelic montages, gyrating henchman, seedy underground clubs, and bipolar moonlighting.
Faster Than the Speed of Light! Poster

Faster Than the Speed of Light!
The Salvage Vanguard
Austin, TX
May 28, 29, 30,
June 4,5,6,11,12,13

All shows begin at 8 o'clock and cost only 12 dollars (Pay-what-you-can-Thursdays!). The Salvage Vanguard is located at 2803 Manor Road.

Lovers and Liars, an album with songs from the show, will be released in the near future.


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