April 17, 2009

Jo Hamilton: Gown

Jo Hamilton
photo: Barnaby Wallace

Ready for a journey to fairy land? Pick Jo Hamilton as your musical guide. She is a multi-instrumentalist and programmer who sings like the missing link between Annie Lennox and Allison Moyet. She started the songs for her album Gown with field recordings in Korea (childrens voices can be heard in the coda of Deeper (Glorious) and she contined to tape voices and sounds during her travels around the globe. She listened carefully and now tells the stories people shared with her.

Listening to Gown takes time, because it goes so deep. This an album that reveals bits and pieces you have missed the first time around. Or the second, the third ... Hat's off to Jon Cotton who made sure that the production was crystal clear.

Gown is released on Poseidon Music. Release date: April 20 (UK), June 22 (rest of the world).

Jo Hamilton: Gown

Birmingham community radio station Rhubarb Radio broadcasts the album launch party and concert April 20th at 8:30 PM (GMT).

  1. Exist
  2. Pick Me Up
  3. There It Is
  4. How Beuatiful
  5. Deeper (Glorious)
  6. Paradise
  7. All In Adoration
  8. Liahach
  9. Mekong Song
  10. Winter Is Over
  11. Think Of Me

» johamilton.com
» myspace.com/johamiltongown

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