April 09, 2009

Jack Butler: Fit The Paradigm

Scottish quartet Jack Butler are in a hurry. Their debut Fit The Paradigm is filled with quirky, energetic songs that will make you go looking for your dancing shoes. Ostinatos repeats the same notes over and over again, which makes sense if you know what ostinato means.

Beign from Scotland will unavoidable lead to comparisons with Franz Ferdinand, but that wouldn't do them justice. They have listened carefully to seminal eighties bands such as Big Country and the Simple Minds. They have their eye on the States with the baseball inspired opener of the album Hit It Out The Park, Son. Fit The Paradigm isn't a home run, but it gets them to second base.

Jack Butler have a way with words - declaring that it's prose, not poetry. It makes perfect sense that they snatched a John Teniel illustration of Alice In Wonderland for the cover art.

Jack Bulter:
Liam Kelly: guitar, vocals, synth
Chris Lowdon: guitar
Allan Conry: bass, backing vocals
Greg Moodie: drums, percussion, backing vocals

Jack Butler: Fit The Paradigm

Fit The Paradigm is released on Whimsical Records. Release date: April 27th.

  1. Hit It Out The Park, Son
  2. From Plea To Paper
  3. Are You A Hustler?
  4. Ode
  5. Boy Vs Beast
  6. Just Fit The Paradigm
  7. Let's Testify
  8. Velvet Prose
  9. Bushido Codes
  10. He Got No Game!
  11. Surgery 1984 (Operations I & II)
  12. Ostinatos
  13. Apocalypse Clocks

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