April 10, 2009

Robot Lounge: Patterns

Robot Lounge
photo: Mike Hari

Robot Lounge is looking for a spot inside the overcrowded indie rock market. The Chicago trio thrown in a bit of jazz-tinged piano to lure the punters. Their sophomore album Patterns is too clean-cut to leave a lasting impression. The lyrics are all over the road, swerving from tongue-in-cheek to filled with gloom, but either way the words deserve a less smooth backing to make it really work. Let them get their hands dirty.

Robot Lounge: Patterns

Patterns is a self-released album. Buy it from the band's website.

  1. Last Few Days
  2. Great Romancer
  3. Patterns
  4. I Just Don't Know Anymore
  5. Tick Tock
  6. Mass Appeal
  7. Have To Come See You
  8. Donameche
  9. Bon Voyage
  10. Nigthmare Spectular
  11. Can't Wait To Get Over You
  12. The Zucchini Bros.

MP3: Robot Lounge - Great Romancer
MP3: Robot Lounge - Mass Appeal

» myspace.com/robotlounge

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