March 11, 2009

Vintage Lou Reed Photos: live in Copenhagen 1973

Lou Reed live in Copenhagen 1973/09/19
Lou Reed 9center) with (l. to r.) Ray Colcord (keyboards), Dick Wagner (guitar), Pentti Glan (drums), Steve Hunter (guitar) and Peter Walsh (bass)
photo: Lau Buur Nielsen
Lou Reed live in Copenhagen 1973/09/19
photo: Lau Buur Nielsen

Two photos of Lou Reed performing at the Falkonerteatret, Copenhagen, Denmark, September 19, 1973. This was the third date of the 1973 tour with the core of the band that would be playing on the Rock 'n' Roll Animal and Lou Reed Live albums (recorded at Howard Stein's Academy of Music, December 1973). Peter Walsh had been replaced by Prakash John by then.

  1. Intro / Sweet Jane
  2. How Do You Think It Feels?
  3. Caroline Says I
  4. I'm Waiting For The Man
  5. Satellite Of Love
  6. Walk On The Wild Side
  7. Oh Jim
  8. Heroin
  9. Rock And Roll
  10. White Light/White Heat
  11. Vicious

If want to hear this show, hunt down The Phantom Animal CD bootleg.

Thanks: Lau Buur Nielsen.

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