March 21, 2009

Saint Bernadette: Word To The Lourdes

Saint Bernadette:
photo: Sean Toussaint

Saint Bernadette has grown into a quintet. The core still is Meredith DiMenna on wall-to-wall vocals and Keith Saunders on guitar. With the inclusion of three members for their new EP Word To The Lourdes they go for fast rockers (Already Gone, Wrap It Up) and slide guitar infused pop (He's A Collector). Catchy as hell, never mind the nun imagery.

Saint Bernadette:
Meredith DiMenna: vocals
Keith "Touch" Saunders: guitar
Joe Novelli: slide guitar
Brian Anderson: bass
Dave Valle: drums

Word To The Lourdes is released on exotic recordings.

  1. Nobody Wants My Kind Words
  2. Already Gone
  3. He's A Collector
  4. Wrap It Up
  5. I Can Add You To My List
  6. Don't Take This Away


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