March 20, 2009

Les Claypool: Of Fungi And Foe

Les Claypool: Of Fungi And Foe

There is only one Les Claypool, the bass ace with the nasal twang and a gift for twisted lyrics. His new album got started Of Fungi And Foe when he was s commissioned to write soundtrack music for a interactive game called Mushroom Men, and Pig Hunt, a movie. He came up with the goods quickly and decided that would be a cool idea to fill an album with songs about everyday madness and doubts. So you get a song about Sarah Palin and her tits made out of recycled bottles (Red State Girl), another about dealing with lost luggage (What Would Sir George Martin Do), and of course one about a real nasty bottle of wine (Primed By 29).

Playing a wide variety of basses and accompanied by choice musicians that sound like they are banging on instruments found on the scrap yard Of Fungi And Foe is classic Claypool. If you think that Tom Waits can come up with weird beats, think again. Don't mess with Uncle Les. He can write a left-field song about anything.

Buy Of Fungi And Foe from his Club Bastardo shop.

  1. Mushroom Men
  2. Amanitas
  3. Red State Girl
  4. Booneville Stomp
  5. What Would Sir George Martin Do
  6. You Can't Tell Errol Anything
  7. Bite Out Of Life
  8. Kazoo
  9. Primed By 29
  10. Pretty Little Song
  11. Of Fungi And Foe
  12. Ol' Rosco

Les Claypool is currently in the midst of The Oddity Faire - A Mutated Mini Fest, a on tour with various of support acts.


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