March 12, 2009

Pairdown: Holykyle

Pairdown is the collaboration of Pittsburgh-based singer-guitarists David Leicht and Raymond Morin. They have been playing together since 2005, exploring different moods and tunings for the acoustic guitar. Their full-length Holykyle has just been released on Morin's one-man label Sort Of Records. They name British folk bands like Pentangle and The Incredible String Band as their influences. There are hints of Nick Drake's Five Leaves Left in there too.

Holykyle is a gentle album that will appeal to fellow acoustic players and hardcore folk fanatics who still love their vinyl. Leicht and Morin can play together as if they are sharing a twelve-string. They are joined on stage by a bass player and drummer when they play live, but they don't really need them.

Pairdown: Holykyle

Holykyle is released on Sort Of Records. Limited vinyl LP (315 copies) and digital download.

  1. Percy In Her Hairfork
  2. Holykyle
  3. Good Wood
  4. Backside Building
  5. Vacation Bay
  6. Three Coat
  7. Spotted Eye
  8. Untitled For Holly
  9. Burning Up A Winning Ticket
  10. Soon You Will Flourish As A Caterer
  11. Woman From Donori
Live dates:
  • 03/13 Thunderbird Cafe (w/ Assembly, Daryl Fleming and the Public Domain), Pittsburgh, PA
  • 03/16 Raymond Solo @ Zuzu, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • 03/17 Raymond Solo @ Montague Bookmill, Montague, Massachusetts
  • 04/19 Garfield Artworks (w/ Death Vessel, Mountains), Pittsburgh, PA
  • 04/25 Morning Glory Coffeehouse (w/ Micah Blue Smaldone), Pittsburgh, PA


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