March 03, 2009

Kid, You'll Move Mountains: Loomings

Kid, You'll Move Mountains is appropiate band name if the members are into groundbreaking music. Loomings, the deubt album by this Chicago indie rock band shows some promise - interesting rhythms galore, but they need some work on the mix of the vocals and the music.

The vocalists have a hard time keeping up with the changes laid down by the Lanthrum brothers, but Nate should have told his wife Nina that she should focus on the piano. Jim Hanke doesn't have much of voice either. They need a singer with an above average range to pull it off. As it stands, Loomings is not the imminent album Kid, You'll Move Mountains was hoping to create.

Kid, You'll Move Mountains:
Nate Lanthrum: drums
Andrew Lanthrum: bass
Nina Lanthrum: piano, vocals
Corey Wills: guitar
Jim Hanke: guitar, vocals

Kid, You'll Move Mountains: Loomings

is a self-released album. Buy it from the band's website.

  1. Inside Voice
  2. Volts
  3. Make It Sing
  4. I'm A Song From The Sixties
  5. West
  6. New Blood
  7. Wives' Tale
  8. An Open Letter To Wherever You're From
  9. No Applause


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