March 04, 2009

Frank Zappa: Lumpy Money 3-CD set

Got some Lumpy Money lying around? Why not spend it on a new Frank Zappa 3-CD set.

It seems fitting somehow that the box set commemorating the 40th anniversary of the release of two early Frank Zappa albums was about a year late. I mean, the guy lived in a log cabin with a bowling alley in the basement, so what's a year, give or take, among friends?

It was 41 years ago that We're Only In It For The Money (1/68) and Lumpy Gravy (5/68) were released. A new three-CD set, Lumpy Money (get it?) celebrates the occasion with two versions of each album -- the original 1968 mono vinyl mixes, and the 1984 remixes. One CD consists entirely of unreleased tracks and instrumentals.

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