March 13, 2009

Boom Box Repair Kit: My Dear Antagonist

A frantic fusion of genres comes together when NYC band Boom Box Repair Kit plugs in. This foursome mixes merengue with reggae, rap, funk, pop and guitar shredding. There are no boundaries, only possibilities and their My Dear Antagonist will bring out the dancer in even the coolest music geek. Great sarcastic lyrics too, especially in Your Pain Is Overrated and Plastic Heart Surgery. Add a New York attitude to Spanish Caribbean music and you end up with a heady mixture.

Boom Box Repair Kit:
Arturo Acosta: bass
Evan Ubiera: guitar
Frank Pace: drums
Lael Llaverias: vocals

Boom Box Repair Kit: My Dear Antagonist

My Dear Antagonist is a self-released album. Buy a physical copy thru Interpunk. Digital copies thru the usual suspects.

  1. Bugbear
  2. Woe Untitled
  3. Snails (Happy Anniversary)
  4. Love Redundant
  5. I Rather Dance With A Stranger
  6. Plastic Heart Surgery
  7. Trip The Light Fantastico
  8. Mani Tote
  9. Two Ton Grudge
  10. Your Pain Is Overrated
Live dates:
  • 03/21 Aji Lounge, Brooklyn, NY
  • 03/27 Revolution Party @ Bruckner Bar Bronx, NY
  • 03/28 Libido Latino Showcase/Yelis Bday, Jackson Heights, NY
  • 04/09 La Kueva, Astoria, NY
  • 04/24 D-antigua, Jackson Heights, NY
  • 04/25 Sullys Pub, Hartford, CT


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