February 24, 2009

The Mission: Live & Last

The Mission played their final shows at the Shepherds Bush Empire, London, in February and March, 2008. Snubbed by the UK press the band had soldiered on, reaching slowly decreasing audiences after being really big in the late eighties. The Mission first called it quits in 1996 only to be resurrected in 1999, but now it's final. Frontman Wayne Hussey is touring the world as an acoustic solo act, a totally different field compared to the wall-to-wall guitars gothic rock, a genre he co-invented when he was member of the Sisters of Mercy.

Live & Last captures the final night in London, the bonus disc has four tracks form a show in Köln, Germany - a country where they remained popular throughout the years - and a longish interview that finds Wayne Hussey in a relaxed mode, conducting the interview from Brasil where he is a happily married man - although the Janice Long can not resist bringing up the story about a very drunk Hussey who passed out while she tried to tie a ribbon to his dick. Very rock 'n' roll, but only mildly entertaining.

The music on this album lacks a bit of urgency - the band knows it's all over and they don't seem to care that much. Hussey is doing his best, realising that this the final hurray for being in the spotlights as the frontman he never really wanted to be. He just wants to play guitar and a bit of keyboards now. Mission completed.

The Mission:
Wayne Hussey: vocals, guitar
Mark Gemini-Thwaite: lead guitar
Ritchie Vernon: bass
Steve Spring: drums

The Mission: Live & Last

Live & Last is released on Eyes Wide Shut Recordings. Buy it Plastichead.com. Release date: March 2nd.

  1. Like A Hurricane
  2. Over The Hills And Far Away
  3. Bridges Burning
  4. Dance On Glass
  5. Stay With Me
  6. Island In A Stream
  7. Love Me To death
  8. Dream On
  9. Fabienne
  10. Severina
  11. Wake (RSV)
  12. Forevermore
  13. 1969
  14. Shelter From the Storm
  15. Tower Of Strength
Bonus disc:
  1. Interview with Wayne Hussey (Janice Long)
  2. Butterfly on a Wheel
  3. Naked and Savage
  4. Hungry as the Hunter
  5. Serpents Kiss

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