February 12, 2009

North Elementary: Not for Everyone, Just for You

Eclectic Americana. North Elementary from Chapel Hill, NC, has one constant: songwriter John Harrison. When he started putting assembling the songs for Not for Everyone, Just for You with producer Alan Weatherhead in 2006 and 2007 at Weatherhead's Richmond, VA studio the project got sidetracked and was shelved for a little over two years. Harrison moved on, releasing another album under the North Elementary banner before returning to the songs.

Was it worth the wait? Yes, it was. Choosing his words and music with care Harrison can conjure up musical landscapes, where a host of characters wander about, meet and drift apart again. Think Jesus and The Mary Chain captured in an acoustic environment (Decade Stylin') and the poppier side of Bob Mould's Sugar (You Have A Heart) . Producer Weatherhead rides shotgun on pedal steel and with three different guitar players in this incarnation of the band there are plenty of layers to unravel. A pair of decent headphones recommended.

North Elementary:
Kuki Kooks: drums
Holly Lowman: guitar, Yamahawk, keyboards
Ryan Dunlap: bass, piano, vocals
John Harrison: vocals, guitar, pianet, piano, organ
Alan Weatherhead: pedal steel, guitar, strings

North Elementary: Not for Everyone, Just for You

Not for Everyone, Just for You is released on eskimo kiss records. Release date: February 24.

  1. Decade Stylin'
  2. Tumbleweed Stars
  3. Golden Tigers
  4. Ones In Love
  5. You Have A Heart
  6. Speed Of Lies
  7. Medical Sunset
  8. I'm Not Foolin'
  9. Xxxmas Head

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