February 11, 2009

Ticket Bastard Canada faces law suit

Ticket Master Canada could be in trouble. Serious trouble:

Ticketmaster Canada is facing a $500-million class-action suit from consumers who allege tickets are being diverted away from ticketmaster.ca to be sold on Ticketmaster's more expensive ticket-brokering site, ticketsnow.com.

The lawsuit, launched in Toronto today, contends that the selling of tickets on ticketsnow.com contravenes Ontario's anti-scalping legislation. It also alleges that fees and surcharges levied by Ticketmaster violate Ontario laws.

Henryk Krajewski, a Toronto resident who bought two concert tickets for $533.65 (including service charges) is the initiating plaintiff. His tickets would have cost him $133 on ticketmaster.ca if they had been available. Instead, Ticketmaster's website directed him to ticketsnow.com.

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