January 20, 2009

North Mississippi Allstars: Do It Like We Used To Do (Live '96-'08)

North Mississippi Allstars: Luther Dickinson, Chris Crew, Cody Dickinson

You got to hand it to the North Mississippi Allstars. When they decide to release a retrospective, they do it right. The 2CD+DVD set Do It Like We Used To Do (Live '96-'08) highlights their live performances over the years. Now mostly performing with the core trio of Luther Dickinson (guitar) and Cody Dickinson (drums) and Chris Crew (bass), NMAS has invited lots of guests over the years. RL Burnside, Robert Randolph and father Jim Dickinson came on stage and fitted right in.

North Mississippi Allstars: Do It Like We Used To Do (Live '96-'08)

As explained on the accompanying DVD documentary Do It Like We Used To Do the concept of the Allstars is to bring musicians together an create "southern rock". Among the interviewees is Jim Dickinson again, a proud father who bought his son Al Jackson's drum kit when Stax Records folded. He did not want to found a family group, because that's a very Redneck thing to do. But since he was around this sons got to meet lots of musicians and they watched and listened intently. Interspersed with home videos of live shows, the band talks about jamming with fife player Otha Turner, and finding their groove. It's all about he feel, not about the notes. Any musician can play notes, but the feel is something you have or haven't.

The Allstars don't play many originals, but with the rich heritage they have tapped into there's no need for that. Learn, expand and pass it on. Recommended tracks: Hear My Train A'coming, Goin' Down South and JR > Stay all night > Lord Have Mercy > Stay.

Do It Like We Used To Do (Live '96-'08) is released on the bands's own Songs From the South label.

CD 1
  1. Someday Baby
  2. I’m in Jail
  3. 18 Hammers
  4. Freedom Highway
  5. Shimmy Duo
  6. Goin’ Down South
  7. 61 Hwy
  8. Hey, Hey Baby
  9. Endless Boogie
  10. Crazy Bout U
  11. Up Over Yonder
  12. Sugartown
  13. Be So Glad
  14. Po Black Maddie > Skinny Woman >
  15. Jumper on the Line
CD 2
  1. Mississippi Boll Weevil
  2. Down in Mississippi
  3. Got My Mojo Working
  4. Hear My Train A’comin
  5. The Meeting
  6. Goin’ Home
  7. JR > Stay all night > Lord Have Mercy > Stay
  8. I’d Love to be a Hippy
  9. Mizzip
  10. Keep the Devil Down
  11. Horseshoe
  12. Glory, Glory
  1. Do It Like We Used To Do
  2. Extras: live footage Bonnaroo 2007 & From the NMAS Archives

Watch the live video of North Mississippi Allstars perform "Station Blues" at Bonnaroo with Rising Star Fife and Drum Band.

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