January 13, 2009

Escape from MySpace #20: Déjà Funk

Escape from MySpace
Escape from MySpace
Want to get out of the hell called MySpace? You can't. The posts are still up though. The section as such is closed.

Déjà Funk is a Dutch funky jazz quartet (or a jazzy funk quartet). Updating standards laid down by Charles Mingus, Dave Weckl and the like, they go go for the groove.

This music is all instrumental, which is just as well. Vocals would only distract from the intricate interplay these four guys have developed during long hours of practiising.

Déjà Funk:
Carlo Broere: guitar
Anan Den Boer: keyboards
Wouter Landzaat: bass
Efraim de Nijs: drums

MP3: Déjà Funk - Mud Sauce
MP3: Déjà Funk - Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
MP3: Déjà Funk - Tune 88

» myspace.com/dejafunk

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