January 05, 2009

Built By Snow: MEGA

Spiffy sci-fi indie rock comes from Austin band Built By Snow. Sharing a love for vintage game consoles, robots and songs about math their mini full-length (22 minutes) MEGA is a geeky exploitation record that make your ears tickle with enjoyment inside oversized headphones.

Pulling you in with an instrumental Giant Robot Attack Built By Snow provides the soundtrack for the car ride to drive-in movie theater showing a double feature of cult movies. These guys can paint with sound, in techni-color.

Built By Snow:
JP: vocals, guitar, keys
Matt: guitar, vocals, keys
Ben: bass, vocals, keys
Brandon: drums

Built By Snow: Mega

MEGA is a self-released album. from the band's website. Release date: January 20.

  1. Giant Robot Attack
  2. Something in 3D
  3. All the Weird Kids Know
  4. Implode Alright
  5. a-beta
  6. Algometric Touch
  7. Invaders
  8. Science of Love
  9. Attachment
Live dates:
  • 01/06 Beauty Bar - Poptart Jen’s Birthday (w/ Wine and Revolution), Austin, TX
  • 01/08 Beauty Bar - Free Week!, Austin, TX
  • 01/18 KVRX Local Live (stream this show)
  • 01/24 Club DeVille - "MEGA" CD Release Party, Austin, TX
  • 02/25 Emos (w/ The Authors), Austin, TX

» builtbysnow.com
» myspace.com/builtbysnow

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