January 06, 2009

The New Regime: Coup

The New Regime
photo: JJ Moffat

Ilan Rubin, former drummer for the Lostprophets, has made a solo album. Naming himself The New Regime he played all the instruments and did all the vocals. Despite the album's name Coup, housed in a cover with a painting of Marat by David, this is not a revolutionary album that will change the course of modern rock music. Rubin is only 19, an age where most musicians are still stuck in the tracks laid down by their peers.

Still, Coup is a collection of songs that proves that Rubin knows his way around a keyboard and is a sligthly above average singer. With typical orchestrated indie rock songs he won't be making enemies, but it is doubtful that will make lots of new friends outside that segment. He might not be a child prodigy anymore, but he will needs a few more years to come into his own. He has joined Nine Inch Nails and Trent Reznor will surely be able to show him the ropes.

The New Regime: Coup

Coup is released only as a digital album. Buy from iTunes.

  1. The Collapse
  2. Order Restored
  3. All These Changes
  4. Take Control
  5. Time Erase
  6. Haunt My Mind
  7. This War Time
  8. The Credit "WE" Deserve
  9. Tap Dancing In A Minefield
  10. Somethings

» myspace.com/thenewregime

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