December 11, 2008

The Black Keys: Live At The Crystal Ballroom

With the cameras up front the viewer has a VIP point of view watching The Black Keys new DVD Live At The Crystal Ballroom. Filmed in Portland, OR, April 4, 2008, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney bring the house down with choice cuts from their back back catalogue and of lots of songs of their 2008 Attack & Release album.

The Black Keys keep the frills to an absolute minimum, hitting the stage with a few amps, a battered keyboard, and a few guitars. You don't need much more than that to create swaggering psychedelic garage rock. Watch on a big screen and turn it up.

The Black Keys: Live At The Crystal Ballroom

Live At The Crystal Ballroom is released on Nonesuch Records.

  1. Same Old Thing
  2. Girl Is On My Mind
  3. Set You Free
  4. ThickFreakness
  5. Stack Shot Billy
  6. Busted
  7. You’re The One
  8. Remember When (Side B)
  9. Your Touch
  10. Oceans and Streams
  11. Strange Times
  12. Psychotic Girl
  13. 10 am Automatic
  14. No Trust
  15. I Got Mine
  16. All You Ever Wanted
  17. Till I Get My Way
  • Music videos: Your Touch
  • Just Not To Be and Strange Times
  • The making of the Your Touch video
  • Sessions fo the Attack & Release album


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