December 30, 2008

Negus: Dare to Dream

In 2003 Steve Negus left Canadian symphonic rock band Saga. The drummer had written nearly an album full of songs, but none were accepted by the band. Holed up in his home studio in Hamilton he began recording bits and pieces for a possible solo album, playing guitar and drums.. Afters ending a few tidbits over the net to singer Al Langlado the basic tracks slowly involved into songs, with the vocalist coming up with the lyrics for what become the title track, Dare to Dream. All in all it would take more than three years for the album to be completed.

Dare to Dream sounds smooth and clean like a symphonic rock album should. Being a drummer Steve Negus he made sure you can hear him in the mix and since he is really good at hitting things in a wide variety of rhythms the tracks get a welcome boost underlining the guitar pyrotechnics. He is joined by two other drummers for I Rest My Case to get a tribal sound.

Two weeks after finishing the guitar tracks Mark Severn was killed in a car incident. Steve Negus dedicated the album to him - the final track is an instrumental played by Phil Kott.

Steve Negus: drums, guitars, keyboards
Al Langlade: vocals
Kelly Kereliuk: guitars
Phil Kott: guitars
Mark Severn: guitars
Ian Nielsen: bass
Jim "Daryl" Gilmour: keyboards
Matt Whale: keyboards
Tony Furtado: drums on "I Rest My Case"
Jack Pedler: drums on "I Rest My Case"
Dand Elliot: flute
John Willett: flute

Negus: Dare To Dream

Dare to Dream is released on Cyclone Records. Buy it from Steve's website.

  1. Lust
  2. Catch My Fall
  3. Dare to Dream
  4. Nightmare
  5. I Rest My Case
  6. No Heaven, No Hell
  7. As I Am
  8. One Man's Army
  9. Body and Soul
  10. Satellites
  11. Epitaph for Mark


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