November 17, 2008

Paul McCartney: "Carnival of Light" does exist

Paul McCartney

Yes, those 14 minutes do exist and could even be released. Paul McCartney about the "very free" Beatles track Carnival of Light:

Sir Paul McCartney has confirmed a 14-minute long Beatles track many thought was a myth does exist - and says he wants the public to hear it.

He told BBC Radio 4's Front Row the track - called Carnival of Light - was not released because the other Beatles thought it was too "adventurous".

The improvised track was recorded in 1967 for an electronic music festival.

Sir Paul said Ringo Starr and John Lennon's and George Harrison's estates would have to agree to a release.

He said he had been asked to create the piece for an electronic music festival, and asked the other band members to be "indulgent" for 10 minutes at London's Abbey Road studios before giving them vague directions.

The full interview is set to be broadcast on Radio 4 this Thursday (November 20) at 7.15pm (GMT).

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