November 17, 2008

Julie Neumark: Dimestore Halo

Julie Neumark
photo: Natalie Sojka

Julie Neumark is an LA based rock chick who made an album that will get you a lot of speeding tickets. Dimestore Halo is filled with booze, love, loss, anger and sadness. She attacks her songs, caresses them, hits them again and cuddles them. Stand out tracks: Home with a galloping fiddle intro and Drink Myself Pretty, a give 'em hell alcoholic celebration song.

Recommended if you like singers like Grace Potter, Beth Hart and PJ Harvey. If Tea Leaf Green or Gov't Mule are looking for an opening act, they can stop the search right now and give her a call.

Julie Neumark: Dimestore Halo

Dimestore Halo is released on Hyena Records. First released as a self-released album with different artwork.

  1. Dimestore Halo
  2. Fairytale
  3. Spare Change
  4. Take Me
  5. Unraveled
  6. Home
  7. Wreck Of A Woman
  8. Drink Myself Pretty
  9. Bobbi
  10. Cincinnati
  11. Uncharted Waters
  12. Love Comes Quickly (bonus track)


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