November 27, 2008

Matt Morris: Backstage at Bonnaroo

Handle with care. Mat Morris goes acoustic. Backstage at Bonnaroo and other Acoustic Performances is a five track EP of a man who feels right at his playing the acoustic guitar and the piano. He was this year's opener at Bonnaroo and went down like a storm, quite a feat for such fragile songs. As you might have guessed he recorded some stuff backstage, with guitarist Charlie Sexton riding shotgun, and those three songs are complemented with two live recordings where he plays the piano.

With a voice that is a cross between Thom Yorke and Tyler Ramsey Backstage at Bonnaroo his forthcoming full length should be on your to-do list for 2009.

Matt Morris: Backstage at Bonnaroo

Backstage at Bonnaroo is released on Tenman Records.

  1. Money
  2. In This House
  3. Bloodline
  4. Let It Go
  5. The Un-American


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