November 13, 2008

Honey Claws: Honey Claws

There is a lot of hip-hop vocalizing in the music of Austin, TX, foursome Honey Claws, but they are an experimental electronica band first. With unexpected breaks and twists they will surprise the dance crowds who decided to check them out live after hearing the catchy lead-off tune of their album Shout Out.

Trouble is: the music is far better than the vocals. If there ever was a band who should consider going all instrumental, it's the Honey Claws. Dance fans don't pay attention to the lyrics anyway.

Honey Claws: Honey Claws Tracks:
  1. Shout Out
  2. E-Sticker
  3. Zookeeper
  4. Giant Town
  5. Bone Hollow
  6. APC
  7. Frozen Chinchilla
  8. Villains
  9. Numbers On The Wall
  10. Villains
  11. Ambulance
  12. Rational Beating
  13. July
  14. Animalssss
Live dates:
  • 11/15 Junkb0x Central, Auckland
  • 11/22 Aisha Central, Auckland
  • 11/28 Junkb0x @Aisha! Midtown, Auckland
  • 11/29 Sagatarian MeAteaTerz Ball Midtown, Auckland
  • 12/05 Revolver, Melbourne, Victoria
  • 12/12 Junkb0x @ Aisha! Midtown, Auckland
  • 12/20 Aisha Central, Auckland
  • 12/28 BW Camping Festival Gisborne, Gisbborne
  • 12/31 Rhythm and Vines Gisborne, Gisborne


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