October 14, 2008

The Bureau: ... And Another Thing

The Bureau: ... And Another Thing

Back into 2004 The Bureau hit the stage of The Magnesia Bank in North Shield for what was supposed to be one-off gig to please longtime fan Ian Jennings. The rise of this UK rhythmic soul outfit with a jazz twist was cut short in the early eighties after financial mishaps, mess-ups and of course trouble with their record label. Their first album never made the shops in their home country, a mistake that was corrected in 2005 when WEA re-released the album.

Their new album ... And Another Thing picks ups the pieces and glues them together again - most of the original members are on it, with a replacement drummer. Founder member Stoker Growcott has moved to California and could not make the reunion. They all have gone older, sadder and wiser, but they're are still determined to blast the house down with heavy woodwinds, bras and a pumping piano. These geezers got soul, from the up-tempo Run Rabbit Run, the semi-spoken word vocals on A Fine Mess Rag until the final song Keaton's Walk, the 1982 bonus track that was left on the shelf back then.

The Bureau:
Archie Brown: vocal
Geoff Blythe: saxophone
Crispin Taylor: drums
Mick Talbot: keyboards
Paul Taylor: trombone
Pete Williams: bass

... And Another Thing is a self-released album. Buy it from the band.

  1. Run Rabbit Run
  2. Save Me
  3. Chance In A Million
  4. A Fine Mess Rag
  5. Freedom March
  6. Just A Word
  7. Falling
  8. Divided In Two
  9. Mad
  10. Flying Lessons
  11. Nothing's Going To Stand In Our Way
  12. Keaton's Walk

» bureau.org.uk
» myspace.com/newbureau

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