October 13, 2008

Neil Young: "Sugar Mountain Live" drops November 25th Neil Young

The Archives have been postponed yet again, but there is some vintage Neil Young coming soon. Sugar Mountain Live will be released November 25th.

Young played two solo gigs at the The Canterbury House in Ann Arbor, Michigan on November 9 and 10, 1968 and recorded those nights on a TEAC 2 track tape recorder, which until now have never been released.
The 23-track, 13 song, Sugar Mountain Live album includes songs written during his time with Buffalo Springfield as well as then new material as well as Young's anecdotes inbetween songs.
  1. (Emcee intro)
  2. On The Way Home
  3. Songwriting rap
  4. Mr. Soul
  5. Recording rap
  6. Expecting To Fly
  7. The Last Trip To Tulsa
  8. Bookstore rap
  9. The Loner
  10. "I used to" rap
  11. Birds
  12. Winterlong (excerpt) and Out of My Mind (intro)
  13. Out Of My Mind
  14. If I Could Have Her Tonight
  15. Classical Gas rap
  16. Sugar Mountain (intro)
  17. Sugar Mountain
  18. Ive Been Waiting For You
  19. Songs rap
  20. Nowadays Clancy Cant Even Sing
  21. Tuning Rap & The Old Laughing Lady (intro)
  22. The Old Laughing Lady
  23. Broken Arrow

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