October 13, 2008

Heart: Heart Live

In 2005 Heart played a concert before an audience of the long running Soundstage series. They had just released a new studio album, Jupiter's Darling, so it's no wonder that the setlist is dominated by that record. Tracks from their classic Seventies albums Dreamboat Annie and Little Queen are handled with vigour and the Wilson sisters pull off a stunning version of the power ballad Alone. Nancy Wilson still is one the world greatest acoustic guitar rock players. Singer Ann Wilson picks three tracks from Led Zeppelin IV for showing off her vocal pyrotechnics. To bad there is also a so-so cover of Love Song (Elton John).

There is no explanation given for the delay in releasing this concert, which is a showcase for classic rock at its finest. There are not that many official Heart Llve DVDs around, the exceptions being Alive in Seattle (2003) and the 2007 release of Dreamboat Annie Live. The sound on Heart Live is pretty good - you have the option to go for old-fashioned stereo and 5.1 - with a few spots where they could have turned up the acoustic guitar and the keyboards. The picture is in HD. Only one extra: a short interview with the Wilsons who mostly talk about about the inception of Jupiter's Darling.

Heart is a band that is part of the American hard rock canon and so the Republicans thought it would be a good idea to use their song Barracuda. The sisters were not pleased:

Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart have informed the McCain/Palin Campaign that Universal Music Publishing and Sony BMG have sent a cease-and-desist notice to not use one of Heart's classic songs "Barracuda," as the congratulatory theme for Sarah Palin. The Republican campaign did not ask for permission to use the song, nor would they have been granted that permission. We have asked the Republican campaign not to use our music. We hope our wishes will be honored.
Heart: Heart Live

Live is released as part of the Soundstage Series.

  1. Sand
  2. Kick It Out
  3. Straight On
  4. Oldest Story In The World
  5. Perfect Goodbye
  6. These Dreams
  7. The Battle of Evermore
  8. Love Song
  9. Lost Angel
  10. Magic Man
  11. Crazy On You
  12. Bebe Le Strange
  13. Fallen Ones
  14. Make Me
  15. Even It Up
  16. Dog & Butterfly
  17. Alone
  18. Things
  19. Love Alive
  20. Enough
  21. Barracuda
  22. Black Dog
  23. Misty Mountain Hop

For old time's sake: Heart performing Crazy On You live in 1976.

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