September 12, 2008

Wes Sp8: Please EP

Wes Sp8 is a indie folk rocker from Nashville, TN. It's not easy making a living with spooky, sometimes even Gothic imagery in the country music capital of the world. The five tracks on his Please EP are a showcase for his songwriting skills.

Taking his voice and his six strings to the dirt roads you are in for a bumpy ride. He has "underground" written all over him, but - that's rare - he has a sense of humour too, sticking an off beat spoken word piece about an alien learning Spanish and English at the end of Time To Set Sail.

Wes Sp8: Please EP

The Please EP is released thru Radical Notion. Buy it here (the MP3 version is free).

  1. Behind My Back
  2. Please
  3. She Says
  4. Until I Die
  5. Time To Set Sail


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