September 13, 2008

Whitley: The Submarine

Whitley, a singer-songwriter form Mlebourne, Australia, is only 22. He is into folk, mixing traditional Aussie sounds with the Mississippi folk instrument the steel lap guitar (dobro), courtesy of his collaborator Nick Huggins. Hi songs are like gentle waves, with unexpected undercurrents. None of the Xavier Rudd hoopla on his debut album The Submarine. Whitely uses spare instrumentation, not wanting to choke his songs with tons of layers. Less is indeed more.

Whitley: The Submarine

The Submarine is released on Dew Process. Release date: September 15th.

  1. Cheap Clothes
  2. Lost In Time
  3. A Shot to the Stars
  4. I Remember
  5. The Submarine
  6. White Feathers, Strange Sights
  7. Mojo Pin
  8. More than Life
  9. All Is Whole
  10. The Life I Keep


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