September 11, 2008

Jason Seed Elixir Ensemble: "3"

The Jason Seed Elixir Ensemble are on a mission. It's simple: support live music for fuck's sake. Notwithstanding this bold statement they are not above releasing studio albums and their third one is called "3". Like the previous two albums this band filled to overflowing with members of the Chicago Symphony, Milwaukee Symphony and Present Music and they are going to make sure that their music is driven home inside your skull for all eternity. Leader Jason Seed handles the vocals like a David Sylvian from Hell.

Is it jazz? Rock? Vaudeville? Music Hall? The liner notes call this ongoing experiment rockedixieofunkinjazzpsyclassicadelicango. Having trouble saying that three times fast? Settle for fucking great goodness loaded with strings and brass. HCTF album of the year. So far.

Jason Seed Elixir Ensemble: 3

3 is a self-released album. Buy it from CD Baby.

  1. A Glimpse
  2. In the Rows
  3. Mammoth
  4. Everything you wanna say
  5. On a Tuesday
  6. Vlad the Inhaler
  7. Solo Cello in Low Light
  8. The Hold
  9. Everytime
  10. Karma Shot
  11. Down to None
  12. How You Dream


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