September 10, 2008

Give Us The Money Lebowski: "The Final Show"

Last dance for The Dude

This might have something to to do with Scarecrow Collection member Nick Setteducato moving to New Zealand. He is part of side-project Give Us The Money Lebowski and things are just not the same without Nick.

The Pentagon will call this collateral damage or something similarly stupid. Last dance for The Dude:

Give Us The Money Lebowski is unfortunately coming to an end. Next Friday, September 19th, at Daniel Street in Milford CT, will be the bands last show. Our friends from Turbine will be opening the nights events at 9pm with Lebowski following for the rest of the evening, no setbreak, just one last 3 hour party to close it out. This is a special night for the band and we hope you can all make it out to the show as we bid farewell not only to the band but to our frontman Nick Setteducato. Those of you that are traveling to the show, there are plenty of hotels in the area. Might I suggest the Hampton Inn in Milford....

Give Us The Money Lebowski
"The Final Show"
September 19, 2008
Daniel Street
21 Daniel Street
Milford, CT
21+ $5
Turbine: 9pm - 10pm
GUTML: 10:30pm - Close

MP3: Give Us the Money Lebowski - Possum
(live at Ray Kelly's Pub, Bridgeport, CT - 2006/01/28)


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