June 05, 2008

Tony Joe White: Deep Cuts

You don't have to prove anything if your name is Tony Joe White. He is the man who put the "swamp" in swamp rock, with his deceptive guitar licks and a voice that stands out in any music collection. On his new album Deep Cuts he revisits his back catalog with his son Jody providing the programming for the beats and loops.

Tony Joe White still0 has his ear to the ground to pick up the new sounds, selecting bits and pieces that fit within his style. The drums are more upfront than ever on tracks like Soul Francisco, Swamp Water and High Sheriff (of Calhoun Parrish). He has reworked As The Crow Flies, which now sounds like the soundtrack for a late night TV adaption of an Edgar Allan Poe story. Run With The Bulls is an instrumental with a guitar sounding as dry and dusty as a tumbleweed.

Deep Cuts goes deep, indeed. No radio friendly unit shifters on this album, but Mr. White is beyond all that. He makes music for himself and anyone who cares to listen. Bands like Lotus, Particle and U-Melt might pick up Homemade Ice Cream, an drowsy electronic instrumental that could be expanded to fifteen minutes and more.

Tony Joe White: Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts is released on Swamp Records. Release date: June 10th. Buy it from his website.

  1. Set The Hook
  2. As The Crow Flies
  3. Willie And Laura Mae Jones
  4. Soul Francisco
  5. Run With The Bulls
  6. High Sheriff (of Calhoun Parrish)
  7. Aspen, Colorado
  8. Homemade Ice Cream
  9. Swamp Water
  10. Roosevelt and Ira Lee
Tour dates:
  • 06/08 Chicago, IL ,Chicago Blues Festival
  • 06/10 West Hollywood, CA, Key Club - Downstairs
  • 06/11 Santa Cruz, CA, Moe’s Alley
  • 06/12 San Francisco, CA, Cafe du Nord
  • 06/25 New York, NY, Joe’s Pub
  • 06/28 Philadelphia, PA, World Cafe Live
  • 07/17 Birmingham, AL, Workplay Theatre
  • 07/19 Decatur, GA, Eddie’s Attic
  • 08/30 Copper, CO, Copper Country

MP3: Tony Joe White - As The Crow Flies

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