June 05, 2008

From Bubblegum To Sky: A Soft Kill (Giveaway)

From Bubblegum To Sky is a one man band. Mario Hernandez is on eof those music geeks that will stop a nothing to his own sound. His third album is called A Soft Kill and he tackles his hang-ups one at the time. He songs may sounds cheesy at first, soundtracks for really tacky sixties and seventies sitcoms, but listen again and you will discover a true original, with his Japanese parentage taking care of the poppy sounds and the Mexican part in charge of the melody. Recommended if you are into musicians like Jonathan Richman.

Want a free copy of A Soft Kill? And some other stuff in the same price pack like a T-Shirt, his two previous albums and such? Drop three song titles about the gentle art of killing in the comments. O, and Killing Me Softly does not count.

A Soft Kill is released on Eeniemeenie Records.

Live dates:
  • 06/13 New York, NY @ Piano's NYC Popfest 2008
  • 06/15 Washington, DC @ Red And Black Bar
  • 06/19 Brooklyn, NY @ Union Hall

» myspace.com/frombubblegumtosky
» frombubblegumtosky.com

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