May 28, 2008

North Mississippi Allstars: shows on the Live Music Archive

The North Mississippi Allstars have finally got around to OK the sharing of their live shows on the Live Music Archive:

On May 22, 2008 permission was granted for the LMA:

Dear Live Music Archive,

The North Mississippi Allstars would like to grant permission for audio recordings of their shows to be uploaded and archived on the Live Music Archive. We would like to request the following limitations:
  1. No SBD recordings made on or after Feb. 1, 2007. SBD recordings prior to this date are permitted.
  2. No recordings of shows that the North Mississippi Allstars have made commercially available, either on physical media (CD, vinyl, etc.) or by digital download.

MP3: North Mississippi Allstars - I'd Love To Be A Hippy
(live at the Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA - 2008/01/27 - full show)


{Thanks: Triple-B)

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