May 20, 2008

Morning State: You Know People I Know People

Morning State from Atlanta, GA, is a typical college radio band. They will never be booked for a homecoming dance, because they are too loud and adventurous for that. Their album You Know People I Know People hit a snag when their previous label collapsed in 2007 with a lot of ensuing legal hassles. They decided to re-record all the songs. It was a blessing in disguise, with a lot more mileage on stage they laid down the tracks in ten days.

The songs are in your face indie rock, with enough twists and turns along the way to make it an interesting listening experience. File under Smashing Pumpkins, Pixies and Foo Fighters.

Morning State:
Russ Ledford: vocals, guitars
Dave Williams: guitars
Zach Sharenko: drums
Aaron Stephenson: bass

You Know People I Know People is released on Indie Outlaw. Download from iTunes.

Live dates:
  • 06/10 Nashville, TN, The Basement
  • 06/21 Athens, GA, Athfest (w. Dark Meat, Dead Confederate, Elf Power, and more)
  • 06/28 Atlanta, GA, Cordog-o-Rama @ Lenny’s
  • 07/26 Louisville, KY Forecastle Festival (w. Dr. Dog, Snowden, more)

MP3: Morning State - That's Quite A Rash


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