April 26, 2008

Vincent Black Shadow: More Deeper

Vincent Black Shadow from Baltimore, Maryland, is a loud band. They peddle the kind of tunes you put on if you want to hear when you are knocking down a wall in a dump that your friend was tricked into buying cause he thinks it will make a nice loft. Their album More Deeper was recored in only four days, but it sounds like it was done in one long angry take.

Raise your glass and drink to the health of a band that upholds the tradition of garage trash. File under Iggy and Jon Spencer.

Vincent Black Shadow: More Deeper

More Deeper is released on Heartbreakbeat Records.

  1. Volume One
  2. Dome City
  3. Pac Man Jones
  4. Restless
  5. Flash Roll
  6. Shamanix
  7. Wooden Kimono
  8. One Percenter
  9. More Deeper

» myspace.com/vbskicksoutthejams

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