April 26, 2008

Escape from MySpace #07: The Artificial Sea

Escape from MySpace
Escape from MySpace
Want to get out of the hell called MySpace? You can't. The posts are still up though. The section as such is closed.

The Artificial Sea, a Brooklyn based duo consisting of Kevin C. Smith on programming and instruments and Alina on vocals, is a mash-up of the early Sugarcubes with the rhytms of Air. It's not lounge, it's not your basic electronic down tempo, this is music that goes well with daydreaming. They released an album in 2006. City Island is an album that will appeal to music lovers who are into German synth bands like Neu!, Kraftwerk and Propaganda. You can find remixed versions of the tracks from the album on their MySpace.

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» artificialsea.info
» myspace.com/theartificialsea

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