April 09, 2008

The City Life: Gone Is The World

Being an indie dance rock band from New Orleans will get you attention due the simple fact that you don't play jazz. The City Life have just released their second album Gone Is The World and yes they are inspired by those hip bands from Scotland, but there's more. If you listen closely you will find out that they follow the path that was first explored by the forefathers of art rock, Roxy Music and The Sparks.

The City Life: Gone Is The World

The album kicks off with White Elephant, the single they distributed for free in January and it falls into place immediately: this is music that serious music lovers will actually dance too, out of step and screaming all the references they can come up into each others ear. The City Life are far more than a carbon copy of all those bands that are hailed as the next big thing in the music press. And when you have finished dancing, pay attention to the lyrics which are far more dark than the music. Gone Is The World is about contrasts, sometimes within a single song. Like they sing in BeeBee Guns & Applesauce which starts as a simple rock song evolving into rock opera:

I won, you lost, but at what cost?
Tell me, what’s the use?
Oh, what’s the fuss?
What’s the point of having my cake if I can’t eat it too

The City Life:
Leo DeJesus: vocals, guitar
Tommy Delbert: lead guitar
Lucy Gossett: vocals, keyboards
Aaron Souvinette: bass
Brian Patrick Muller: drums

  1. White Elephant
  2. Voting With Your Feet
  3. Lady's Days
  4. Everything's Green
  5. BeeBee Guns & Applesauce
  6. Microphones
  7. New Best Is Next Best
  8. The City Life
  9. Fun
  10. We Deal
  11. She's Gonna Get It

» thecitylifemusic.com
» myspace.com/thecitylife1

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