April 08, 2008

Gossip: Live In Liverpool

It ain't over until the fat lady sings. After years of playing small clubs American punk trio Gossip became a huge success in 2007, especially in the UK where singer Beth Ditto made the cover of quite a few fashionable music magazines. They played the big festivals and recorded a live album in Liverpool on July 9. They pressed 4000 copies to sell during the Australian tour, making it an instant collector's item. Now the rest of the world can get their hands on the reissue that comes with a DVD of the show as a bonus.

Gossip: Live In Liverpool

Gossip is a loud trio with singer Beth Ditto sounding like Siouxsie in a foul mood who wants to bring the house down. For the audience it feels like they have invited to a really good party. The songs are short and fast with an unusual choice of covers thrown in, including Careless Whisper that sounds a lot cooler than the original.

Live In Liverpool is released on Columbia Records. Release date: April 15

Beth Ditto: vocals
Brace Paine: guitar, bass
Hannah Blilie: drums

CD Track Listing:
  1. Eyes Open
  2. Yr Mangled Heart
  3. Swing Low
  4. Are You That Somebody?
  5. Fire / Sign
  6. Coal To Diamonds
  7. Jealous Girls
  8. Keeping You Alive
  9. Don't Make Waves
  10. Yesterday's News
  11. Standing In The Way Of Control
  12. Listen Up
  13. Careless Whisper
DVD Track Listing:
  1. Eyes Open
  2. Yr Mangled Heart
  3. Fire / Sign
  4. Careless Whisper
  5. Coal To Diamonds
  6. Jealous Girls
  7. Swing Low
  8. Are You That Somebody?
  9. Keeping You Alive
  10. Don't Make Waves
  11. Yesterday's News
  12. Standing In The Way Of Control
  13. Listen Up
Tour dates:
  • 04/12 Chicago, Abbey
  • 04/14 New York, Knitting Factory
  • 04/15 New York, Webster Hall
  • 04/18 San Francisco, Bimbo’s

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» myspace.com/gossipband

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