March 08, 2008

The Brakes: Tale of Two Cities

Starting off Into the Ground, the first song of their Tale of Two Cities, with just the vocals and piano straight out of the Great American songbook, The Brakes make it clear that they are a band that is all about the melody. They are from Philadelphia, and they have been flying under the radar of the general public. Recorded live at MilkBoy in Philadelphia and at The Knitting Factory in New York in April and May 2007, their forthcoming album Tale of Two Cities is a collection of songs that will go down well with Ryan Montbleau Band and Scarecrow Collection fans.

Although the eldest band member is only 23, The Brakes can play like seasoned veterans and they are not afraid to take risks, bringing in a trumpet and a sax to add a bit of jazz-tinged colour to their blues-oriented southern rock feel. Highlights: Song Of Imponderables with great drums and laid back vocals, Danger Blues for your snap-your-gingers and tap-your-feet needs, and Sister Mary, a song that builds up slowly and gets the audience on their feet once again before sending them home. In a better world - or just in a few years from now - Dave Matthews should opening for them and not vice versa.

The Brakes: Tale of Two Cities

The Brakes:
Zach Djanikian: vocals, bass, acoustic guitar, tenor saxophone
Matt Kass: guitars, bass
Derek Feinberg: guitars, bass, vocals
Adam Flicker: keyboards, trumpet, vocals
Josh Sack: drums, cymbals

Tale of Two Cities is released on Hyena Records. Release date: May 6th.

  1. Into The Ground
  2. Supermarket
  3. Big Money
  4. Cigarette in the Rain
  5. Tale of Two Cities
  6. State of the Union
  7. Empty House
  8. Danger Blues
  9. Boat Trip
  10. Song of Imponderables
  11. Who am I to be
  12. Sister Mary


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