March 03, 2008

Neal Morse: ? Live

Neal Morse has found God and he likes to talk about that. Talk about it at length. More than two hours straight in fact on his double album ? Live. Disc 1 contains the complete ? album performed live, disc 2 is filled with a selection of his greatest gospel favorites. Recorded in Berlin in 2006 backed by a very adequate all Dutch pick-up band, Morse shows off his composer skills and the music is great flowing with ease between acoustic softness and heavy metal. He thinks BIG when he puts his songs together.

Neal Morse: ? Live

Morse was the main man of Spock's Beard, one of the rare innovative prog rock bands of the nineties, and he can spin a tune that sounds fresh and familiar at the same time.

If you can get past the "Jesus is so cool" bits (or if you happen to agree with that), you can buy ? Live from Radiant Records or Mascot Records.


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