March 04, 2008

John Cale: "I've Got A Secret" TV Show 1963

John Cale was one of the eleven performers of Vexations, a composition for piano by Eric Satie, who wrote about this piece: "In order to play this piece 840 times the performer should prepare beforehand in deep silence and serious immobility".

Cale was invited by his mentor John Cage to be one of the performers. The performance at the Pocket Theatre in New York started on Monday September 9 and lasted for 18 hours and 40 minutes. The show made headlines in the New York Times and a photo of Cale and Cage was printed with the review of the show.

Cale on I've Got A Secret

He was invited shortly afterwards as a guest on the September 16 episode I've Got A Secret TV show and played through it just once. Karl Schenzer, an off-Broadway actor, actor, the sole audience member who sat through the entire performance, was also a guest on the show.

» John Cale in 1963

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