February 12, 2008

The Bird and The Bee: One Too Many Hearts EP

The Bird and The Bee

Inara George and Greg Kurstin make up the highly original duo The Bird and The Bee. Their new EP One Too Many Hearts is a digital only release with four tracks that can serve plugged as a connaiseurs gift for the dreaded "V*" Day. Thankfully the tracks have enough bite to stand on their own. Take note that Tonight You Belong To Me, a classic written in 1926, has Gus Seyffert lending a hand.

  1. Birthday
  2. The Last Day Of Our Lives
  3. Come As You Were
  4. Tonight You Belong To Me

One Too Many Hearts is released on Blue Note Records.

» thebirdandthebee.com
» myspace.com/thebirdandthebee

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