February 13, 2008

Speakeasy: All Your New Favorite Songs

If you are a band from Springfield, MO, changes are that you get a lot of lame Simpsons jokes ... Speakeasy are a grooving funk metal band who have the balls to call their album All Your New Favorite Songs. And it is a pretty good record, actually, which will get you in the mood when you are among friends sharing a couple of beers before the game on the big screen.

Speakeasy is the kind of band that is capable enough to fill a small venue to the rafters churning out their own material and a handful of covers like Led Zeppelin's Bring It On Home and the Talking Heads' Burning Down The House. These guys can definitely play. It's swampy swagger time when they have warmed up properly.

Shawn Eckels: lead guitar, vocals
Marcus Chatman: keyboards, vocals
Reed Herron: bass, vocals
Ryan Fannin: drums, vocals

Buy All Your New Favorite Songs through Home Grown Music.

MP3: Speakeasy - Where You At
MP3: Speakeasy - Bring It On Home
(live at Euphio Campout, Salem, MO - 2007/09/02)

» speakeasyband.com
» myspace.com/speakeasyspringfield
» archive.org/details/Speakeasy

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