January 31, 2008

FestivaLink.net: pro recorded live shows in three formats

Taperfriendly artists are cool, right? And so you want support them by buying their album and live recordings. Take a look at FestivalNet which serves as a portal for a nice selection of bluegrass and country festivals. Shows are offered in three popular formats: protection-free MP3s and CD-quality FLAC downloads compatible with your iPod or other MP3 player, as well as on CD, sent to you by mail.

Doing live music right means teaming top-flight musicians with an all-pro recording and post-production team to create a live music release that stands the test of repeated listening. It means working closely with the artists to be sure that the download you buy is one they are proud of, and that it presents them at their live best. It means paying everyone involved - the festival, the artist and the composer - a fair royalty from every sale. And it means giving you the best possible listening experience at a fair price.

MP3: Leftover Salmon - Down in the Hole
(live at Red Rocks, CO, USA - 2007/07/28)

Go buy live music!

» FestivaLink.net

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