October 10, 2007

The Record Low: Here To Stay

The Record Low: Here To Stay

When Chicago band The Record Low released Here To Stay they were a foursome. Since then Markes Hartnett has quit the band to complete his teaching degree. The new trio has a harder sound and so this album is a testament for what used to be.

There's a bit of the Replacements and early Seventies Stones in their songs when they turn up the volume. Big Star comes to mind when they switch to acoustic, with sound effects lurking in the background to ensure that the listener is aware that this is a 21st century album.

The Record Low:
Henry Joseph: bass guitar, vocals
Robby Haynes: lead guitar
Justin Kerr: drums

Buy Here To Stay from iTunes or Rhapsody. Contact the band if you want a hard copy (handprinted silkscreen!)

» therecordlow.com
» myspace.com/therecordlow

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