October 10, 2007

Santana: Ultimate Santana

Santana: Ultimate Santana

Carlos Santana is a legend. He peaked in the late Sixties (Woodstock!) and early Seventies and then fell off the radar of the mainstream. He made a comeback with Supernatural in 1999, an album that was awarded with tons of Grammy awards. Being a legend means that everyone wants to play with you. His new "best of" Ultimate Santana has tons of guests (Tina Turner, Steve Tyler) and enough unreleased tracks to relieve his fan base from some cash.

The new tracks are a bit flat, but the good thing that you get a nice selection of his most famous songs, including his cover of She's Not There which superseded the Zombies' original. Their former singer Colin Blunstone has to stick to the Santana arrangement these days, when he performs it live.

Ultimate Santana is released on Sony/BMG. Release date: October 15th.

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